• No queues -100%
  • To average cheque +15%
  • Return of customers up to 75%

smartphone checkout
and 1-click shopping

Scan&Go - smartphone checkout and 1-click shopping

When a new approach is needed

Traditional retail with self-service checkouts has many problems
Expensive equipment
Expensive equipment
High costs for purchase and maintenance of cash register equipment
Staff costs
Staff costs
Paying cashiers, salespeople, and security guards all take up a significant portion of a business's expenses
Endless queues at the cash registers
Endless queues at the cash registers
Lots of cashiers, but still not enough to fix the problem
Customer dissatisfaction and complaints
Customer dissatisfaction and complaints
Waiting for payment causes customers to leave for competitors

Scan&Go - problem solving

Business development requires innovations that help you work more efficiently. Replace conventional cash registers with innovative Scan&Go - "scan and buy" technology
Customer service
Customer service
much faster and no queues 24/7
Reduced costs
Reduced costs
equipment, personnel - cashiers, salespeople, security staff
Revenue increase
Revenue increase
your point of sale will be able to sell more during the same shop opening hours
New sales channel
New sales channel
in-app marketing will increase customer loyalty
Leave a request and we'll tell you how
The Scan&Go solution will help you reach the next level of sales!

How Scan&Go ... izipoint works

Cashier and online shop in the customer's smartphone for fast shopping and easy payment
Web application for shopping without queues
  • The user points the camera and scans the product code
  • Pays for purchases by any convenient way in 1 click

  • Sending cheque to client
  • Built-in acquiring
  • Purchase control
  • Marketing
  • Technical support

Benefits for business

Innovative solution for fast start-up, promotion and business development
Connecting technology
Installation in 1 day

Low implementation cost

Saving the customer's time

Everything can be configured in the cloud

No additional equipment needed
    for 1day
    less time

    Scan&Go - the best for business and customers

    Accepting payments using Google Pay and Apple Pay, VISA and Mastercard bank cards
    The technology is applicable to any retail outlet of any size - store, kiosk, shopping centre, pavilion, etc.
    Apple Pay
    Google Pay

    Why is ... izipoint

    24/7/365 support

    24/7/365 support

    A one-stop customer service will ensure customer centricity without additional financial costs.
    Cloud-based management

    Cloud-based management

    The accounting system is hosted on a resilient infrastructure. Remote access from any device and control from anywhere in the world.
    All information about the operations carried out in the micro-market is recorded on a surveillance camera.
    Video surveillance system

    Video surveillance system

    Increase sales by eliminating queues. In-app marketing will help to increase the number of purchases and the average cheque.
    Sales increase

    Sales increase

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    Traditional retail is a thing of the past, see for yourself by leaving a request
    The final step that separates you from automation

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