Our mission is to change the world of retail by creating innovative technologies to take the shopping experience to the next level of speed and convenience.

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As befits a startup, we are actively developing and growing. Backgroud developers do not let the pipeline of new features and improvements stop for a day. On average, we release 10 service updates per month. That's why we will list only the most key milestones of our development.

First of all, we are a startup that has huge ambitions and is constantly transforming. Every day the development team faces many challenges and tasks, thanks to which the improvement of the platform never stops.

All the key achievements of our growth by year:
We launched the 1st micromarket
into commercial use

The first rule of a start-up is to create a unique product, which is what we did. To do this, we used RFID. The user simply opened the door with the app, took the goods, and the money was deducted automatically.
Established their own retail network of 50 stand-alone outlets

To make sure that we are making the right product for people, we decided to test it on ourselves, and if we can create a successful micro-market business, so can our customers.
No more RFID. We left only Scan&Go on the user's smartphone

Our perceptions of the market needs turned out to be false. Expensive and difficult to support and implement magic gave way to simple, cheap and reliable solutions. But we have learnt to listen and hear users.
Created SaaS solutions for b2b and made a sale of their own network

After working through mistakes and bumps, we gained invaluable experience and pivoted. In the end, we found what the market needed and started to scale as a b2b service, building up the functionality.
Our platform becomes multi-currency and multi-lingual. The first international clients are launched

We set an ambitious goal - to make our service work anywhere in the world. It was not easy to achieve it, but we did it. izipoint became multi-currency and multi-language. And the whole hardware became a KIT kit that can be sent by parcel even to the remotest corner of the world.
Released 3 new formats for quick purchase by users:

  • via web application;
  • through a POS terminal;
  • coffeepoints with the ability to transform any coffee machine with MDB protocol.
As the autonomous commerce market develops, new technologies emerge, and consumer preferences shift, we are testing more hypotheses and creating new products.
to be continued...

We simply don't have the right to stop, so we continue to create innovative technologies and solutions that will make the shopping experience more convenient, easy and accessible to every company in the world.
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