Platform for creating autonomous purchases

Making autonomous purchases without staff and queues

pleased customers
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Making autonomous points of sale without staff and queues
App for autonomous purchases
Vending machine owners
Any solution is really izi
easy to start and operate
deliver the KIT set anywhere in the world
scaling from a single point to a larger network
integrate your equipment or system
For any place - more effective together
We are constantly improving our platform by introducing cutting-edge technology, but we never forget that our core value is people. That's why we know exactly how to create products that customers will enjoy using


It is a compact point of sale where the entire shopping process is self-service, from product selection to payment

Coffee point

A fully autonomous self-service coffee shop where the customer manages the entire process himself
Coffee point
Scan & Go
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Scan & Go

Technology that allows shoppers to self-scan and pay for goods using their smartphone, bypassing the queue at the checkout counter


A set of technologies that allow you to modernise or create from scratch a stand-alone point of sale of any size
Autonomous store
Our platform has no limits
A whole new level for your trade and business: control and optimisation with full turnkey service
Point of sale management system
Point of sale management system
The main platform for automating sales processes and managing retail outlets and equipment.
ERP system
ERP system
The powerful platform to manage all major company resources and processes including finance, purchasing, sales, inventory management.
Security systems
Security systems
Technological solutions that not only help to prevent and minimise product theft at points, but also potential losses.
Internet acquiring
Internet acquiring
Smartphone shopping via mobile or web app, by card, google pay or apple pay.
Trade acquiring
Trade acquiring
Familiar and convenient for most users is the traditional payment terminal.
Connection, setup and registration of cash register equipment for all payment transactions.
Monitoring system
Monitoring system
Telemetric monitoring system to track temperature, door position, residues and expiry dates.
Our solutions are easily packaged and can be designed in your corporate style to work with your brand.
24/7 support
24/7 support
The one-stop care service takes care of all information technology support at no additional financial cost.
Our company has a high level of competence because we have been creating and implementing innovative solutions in retail since 2017
When you choose us, there is no doubt

International standard ISO 9001:2015

International standard ISO 9001:2015

18 years
IT expertise

18 years IT expertise

in 4 countries

Offices in 4 countries
We produce all equipment ourselves, using only the best materials.

of equipment

Own production

Our company is a unique startup created inside a large IT company. This allows us to have access to resources and expertise, and to remain flexible and free to act, eliminating sluggishness.

inside a corporation


Our primary goal is to create products that change the future and bring value to people by solving their problems and improving their lives.



Before bringing the product to the market, we built our own sales network and made sure that our service was in demand and effective for our customers.

in retail


We do not chase sales at any price and always strive to create long-term relationships with our clients on a win-win basis, being attentive to their needs and requirements.

on people


We launched the micromarket into commercial use since 2017.

in the market

6 years

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