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Our mission

We aim to provide a product and toolset so that every customer can automate their business independently, regardless of size and scale.

We believe that technology should be accessible to every business and therefore we place great emphasis on training and support for our partners.

The best solution if you are

Innovative technologies are available to every business and are especially needed in retail automation. We are looking for partners for mutually beneficial co-operation and development
Produce or sell equipment for trade
Produce or sell equipment
for trade
Manage your own retail sales network
Manage your own
retail sales network
Automate ecommerce and processes
Automate ecommerce
and processes
We understand that the retail world is very wide and varied and to ensure sustainable development, we are on the lookout for reliable partners

Collaboration strategy

What we give to the partner

Техническая поддержка 24/7
Technical support 24/7
We will take care of all the technical part of maintaining the software platform and connecting micro-markets.
Устойчивое развитие
Provide a roadmap for growth and full support in finding and attracting clients.
Инновационная платформа
Innovative platform
We will provide a convenient system to connect your clients and control statistics of all processes and sales.
Системы мониторинга
Monitoring systems
Implement a telemetry monitoring system to track temperature, door position, residue and shelf life of products.
Цифровизация бизнеса
Digitalisation of business
Implement advanced sales analytics across all product categories, cohort analysis of all your customers.
Программа Trade-In
Trade-In Programme
Provide facilities for rapid modernisation or replacement of obsolete or deteriorating equipment.
Персональный брендинг
Personal branding
Our solutions are easy to design in the corporate style of the brand.
Полный доступ
Full access
Give you all the information and access to our products and services.
Полная поддержка
Full support
We'll organise everything you need completely.
We do not promise or guarantee the number of clients, but we are ready to provide full support to your sales and marketing departments at every stage of development.

As our partner, you not only get access to our products and services at special prices, but also 24/7 support, materials for success, and branding our platform to you!

Realisation steps

a request
personalised terms
a contract
first sale
Make profit
Make first sale
Sign a contract
Receive personalised terms
send a request
Install it yourself

Support and implementation

Услуги сопровождения
from transactions

of software

Программное обеспечение
from the sale

of equipment

Sale of equipment

What does our partner make money on ?

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