Autonomous point of sale anywhere, 24/7

  • complete remote control
  • 3 times less staff
  • 30% bigger revenue due to automation
We work for
Work in spite of lockdown, cut waste and experiment with new sales locations.
Food service
Sell more by being closer to your customers!
Expand your sales, increase profits and get control over your equipment using telemetry system.
Open a new tech business anywhere in the world - quickly and easily.
Sell your goods without intermediaries and complex business processes.
Fast food
Sell more meals anywhere, 24/7.
How It Works
Install the app
Open the showcase
Select a product and scan its lable
Pay for the item in the app
One service - many possibilities
Mobile app
Allows you to sell without cashiers, to communicate with customers and take into account their personal preferences.
Personal Marketing
Interact with customers personally. Make the best offers automatically in real time.
Get full control over trade equipment and the safety of goods. Reduce logistics and equipment maintenance costs.
Automatic ordering
Automate the calculation of consumption of goods at a point of sale, orders from suppliers and movement between warehouses.
Intelligent analytics
Track all business metrics. Make prompt and effective management decisions.
izipoint KIT
A compact control unit that can be easily installed in any commercial equipment or shops to turn it into an
autonomous market!
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Your benefits
Less staff
Full automation can reduce personnel costs by up to 80%
Contactless sales
All purchases are made through a mobile application. There're no sellers!
Logistics optimization
Online control of the remaining goods in micro-markets optimizes the work of delivery service.
Increase sales
Personalized advertising allows you to increase the frequency of sales up to 20% and the average cheque of a customer up to 10%.
Reduce the number of expired products
Intelligent Consumption Forecasting reduces over-purchasing by 30%.
Control system
Equipment and temperature monitoring reduces maintenance costs by up to 60%.
Our advantages
Can be installed in any location
Our universal KIT can be delivered anywhere in the world. It can be easily and quickly embedded into the shop equipment and turned into a smart point of sale.
Our mobile application makes shopping convenient for customers.
Integrated monitoring system
The telemetry and alert system working in real time tracks the state of the POS and immediately notifies about all emergency situations.
24/7 customer support
Our hotline not only supports you but also helps your customers resolve emerging issues at any time.
Free online demo
Leave a request right now, and we will demonstrate you our product
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