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Start your own self-store in 48 hours

izipoint self-stores
  • No integration launch
    Equiring and cloud cashier already embedded.
  • 15 seconds operation
    Just 3 actions: Open -
    Scan the item - Confirm your payment.
  • Save up to $4700
    A standard vending machine price is $8200.
    izipoint self-store costs $3500.
  • We take over all the routine
    We take all the responsibility for the customer support. We will help you to arrange the accounting system and provide you with the food suppliers contacts.
Any space, any place
Self-store model N

Dimensions: 200х141х71

Description: Automatic sliding door system, temperature and door positions sensors.
It's optionally equipped with a non-contact sales system using RFID technology.

Self-store model R

Dimensions: 220х88х73

Description: Automatic sliding door system, temperature and door positions sensors.
It's optionally equipped with a non-contact sales system using RFID technology.

Self-store model Z

Dimensions: 220х65х60

Description: Swing door with no automatic opening. Temperature and door position sensors, magnetic lock.
It's optionally equipped with a video surveillance system.

You start business — We start helping!
We'll get you the ready-made food suppliers contacts and assist you with the management processes.
In addition, we will help you to install the accounting system.
No app purchase
Problem: Installing a mobile app may scare the customer away. This reduces the conversion rate.
Solution: Now customers can buy just with a QR and barcode! No need to install the app!
Step 1.
Take the food from the self-store and scan the label with your camera
- No need to install the app. All you need is just a camera on your smartphone.
- You'll get the ingredients and other product information on your smartphone screen.
Step 2.

- Just pay for the product. That's it.
- You'll automatically get your receipt.

You may get your brand or manufacturer's product closer to your customers

  • Get your own self-store and enlarge your sales geography instantly.
  • Get a customer demand for various products analyzed.
  • Get your brend lovers together in a community and notify them of all your new products.
A self-store to take away ready-made food.

  • More stores but not more staff.
  • Guest service speed increase by a full sales process automation.
  • Online orders with a self-delivery from the self-store.
Increase your productivity and scale your business

  • 24/7 store just round the corner.
  • Expanding sales geography in the places, initially not intended for a store opening.
  • Increase target customers awareness of your brand by opening branded self-stores in offices.
24/7 foodcourt. A competitive advantage your guests may appreciate

  • Upgrade your service and get customer-focused.
  • A good alternative for a food cooking zone.
  • Meals available 24/7 when cafés and restaurants are already closed.
Why is izipoint so cool? 😃
  • Your delivery guys don't sit idle
    Analyze customer demand. Forecast your sales and purchase volume. Arrange your logistics and plan your delivery.
  • Expiry dates under control
    Products stock management provided. Monitoring product movement from one self-store to another. Expiry dates control, record-keeping and sales.
  • The food won't get spoiled
    Self-store status monitoring: temperature control, door position, self-diagnostics and alerting.
  • Customers gonna like our app
    Mobile app: built-in bonus system, purchases payment, PFC consumption monitoring, product catalog.
  • Customer support 24/7
    No extra costs for a technical support for you. We have a customer-focused and unified support.
  • All in the cloud!
    The accounting system is hosted on a fault-tolerant infrastructure. It provides a remote access from any device.
  • Excellent food, always fresh, excellent service, simple and convenient.
    Jamie Anderson
  • Guys, thanks for such a handy thing. I got tired of instant noodles and hot dogs I used to have for lunch and dinner in my office :)
    Michael Nell
  • No scam. Best food. A very intuitive interface. Many things to choose.
    Igor Grizaenko
  • Excellent service! Food's better than in the café next to my office. Great, anyway..)
    Denis Sined
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