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Create your own
micro market!

Use izipoint.kit system to create any micro market anywhere in your country
  • Self install
    You'll get your ready-to-install kit. It's easy to install and it has installation errors protection.
  • Delivery to any place in your country
    We have a door-to-door express delivery. Or, we'll give you a self-purchase specification to buy all the details needed.
  • Upgrade your business just for $600
    A quick and almost no-effort way to turn your premises into a self-service minimarket.
  • Zoom support on installation
    We are always in touch and ready to help you to install the kit online.
Any space, Any place
    A mobile concession stand.
    Now it’s even easier to get your own place for a store.
    A self-service island-store in a shopping mall.
  • Refrigerated showcase
    A self-service and no cashier refrigerated showcase for a 24/7 flower stand.
You install — We control!
A remote quality control service.
Our support group comes to help you with the project work.
What we got?
An upgrade kit for any trade space
  • izipoint.kit composition

    - Controller, 1 pc.
    - Magnetic lock, 1 pc.
    - Door positions sensors, 1 pc.
    - Temperature sensors, 2 pcs.
    - Installation manual, 1 pc.
    - Promo stickers, 3 pcs.

    one-time payment
  • Self-purchase system

    - Buy with a smartphone camera.
    - Equiring and integration.
    - Electronic checkout system embedded.

    3,5% from your sales volume
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    - Product range analysis.
    - Supply planning.
    - Delivery service management.
    - Expiry dates control.
    - Bonus system.


    per 1 user
Why is izipoint so cool?
  • Technologies for everyone
    You can upgrade your salespoint with no extra costs.
  • Virtual engineer
    Zoom assistant is always available and ready to support you.
  • Any place available / No cashiers needed
    izipoint kit is cross-functional tool, available for various uses.

  • We work 24/7
    You get less dependent from your staff.
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