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How It Works
Enter your products into the system
Place the products in the store
Customers scan BAR-codes with their phones
Customers pay for products with their phones
The system updates the balances
Money transferring to the bank account
What is izipoint ?
Possibility to make purchases without cashiers. Communication with your customers, to consider their preferences. Launch and promote your sales.
A compact control unit that can be easily installed in any commercial equipment or room to turn it into a micromarket.
izipoint ERP
Marketing promotions, assortment and inventory management, expiration dates, mobile push mailings
Business Support
A team of developers and consultants who will ensure the operation of micromarkets 24/7. Minimize theft and purchases without paying.
Reduce costs, take away queues and increase the convenience of customers.
Corporate food supplies
Sell more due to proximity to customers and lack of delivery.
Vending nets
Expand the range of sales, increase profits and save on equipment.
Open a new technological business anywhere in the world - quick and easy.
Sell your products without intermediaries and complex business processes.
Cafes and restaurants
Carry out additional sales of products quickly and without staff.
Unique opportunities for your business
Get full control over the trading equipment and the safety of goods. Reduce logistics and equipment maintenance costs.
Automatic ordering
Automate the calculation of the consumption of goods by points of sale, purchases from suppliers and movement between warehouses.
Personal Marketing
Interact with customers personally. Make the best offers automatically in real time.
Intelligent analytics
You track all business indicators at a glance. Make prompt and effective management decisions.
Your benefits
Staff savings
Full automation allows you to reduce personnel costs by up to 80%
Logistics optimization
Online inventory control reduces inventory check-outs by 90%
Reduction of delay
Intelligent consumption forecast reduces oversupply of goods by 30%
Control system
Monitoring equipment condition and temperature reduces maintenance costs by up to 60%
Increase in sales
Personalized advertising allows you to increase the rate of sales by up to 50%
Contactless sales
100% reduction of contacts with other people when making purchases through the mobile app
Choose Your Plan
per month
  • Without hardware
  • Control center
  • Mobile App
per month
  • Hardware KIT
  • Control center
  • Mobile App
  • 24/7 Hotline support
  • Just Barcode support
per month
  • Hardware KIT
  • Control center
  • Mobile App
  • 24/7 Hotline support
  • Just Barcode support
  • QR code supports (the possibility of every single item control)
  • Marketing tools supports
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Our Advantages
Unprecedented user friendliness
Purchases are made from a mobile phone. This allows users to experience unparalleled convenience and eliminate queuing.
Installing a micromarket anywhere
Our universal KIT kit can be sent anywhere in the world. It can be easily and quickly installed on shop equipment and turned into a smart point of sale.
Integrated monitoring system
The telemetry and alert system monitors the state of the point of sale and products in it in real time and promptly notifies about all emergency situations.
Marketing tools supports
Use our tools. Run promotions and discounts on goods. User notifications. Cross Sell and Up Sell.
Instance accounting of goods
Each product on the chain has a unique identifier that allows you to track its location and condition, taking into account the expiration date.
24/7 customer support
Our hotline not only supports you but also helps your customers resolve emerging issues at any time.
Who we are?
  • Residents of the accelerator CREATIVE VALLEY, Paris, France.
  • Residents of the accelerator BGI Accelerator, Portugal.
  • Residents of business incubator Station F, Paris, France.
  • Launched automated micromarkets in Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine
  • We have been developing software and hard parts for retail for more than 2 years.
  • A team of 10 developers and 5 engineers.
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We are looking for partners
Manufacturers and distributors of fridge and freezing equipment
We will be able to expand your product line, increase your earnings and earnings of your customers.
Owners, manufacturers, suppliers of vending networks
We optimize your costs
and increase profits. Marketing tools attract and retain more customers.
Distributors of ready-to-eat food brands
Do you sell ready meals of different brands and types? We will make it easier for your customers to buy your products.We track expiration dates and product availability.
Entrepreneurs and Brand Managers
We will be glad to cooperate if you want to develop a network of autonomous points of sale - micromarkets together with us. Just contact us and we will figure out how to cooperate.
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