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Platform of autonomous shopping with full brand adaptation

Develop your brand with izipoint service
Advantages of White Label system
Quick start of a ready-to-use platform
We will adapt and adjust the service in 2 weeks
Full brand adaptation
Branding of an existent platform
Fixed price for a system ownership
Expanding point of sales without royalties
Everything in complex
We provide project team and tech support

Initial system launch and configuration under our control
The service department arrives for the design work
What do you get?
Operating service, fully adapted to your business
Service castomization
  • Branded mobile apps in Google and Apple store
  • Personal accounting system
  • Completion of the platform for your requirements
Ready-to-use platform
  • Integration: acquiring, checkout
  • Accounting system: assortment analysis, product management, customer incentives
  • Resilient IT-infrastructure
Strengthening business
  • Providing licenses to partners for a fee
  • Lack of POS payments
  • Saving time on non-core development
Support and development
  • Initial system startup and configuration
  • Hotline 24/7
  • Dedicated development team assigned to your project

Why is the ready-made izipoint platform
more profitable?
Compare the economics of your own development and the ready-made izipoint platform
Complete self-service system
  • Dedicated development team assigned to your project
  • Implementation time from 2 weeks
  • The fixed monthly payment includes: a stable IT-infrastructure, Hotline customer support 24/7, any system improvements
  • The ability to scale the system and modify for yourself, no additional costs for a POS license for a new point of sale
  • The selection and management of personnel is entirely up to you. Approximate composition of the project team: architect, product manager, developers
  • Development period from 6 to 12 months. Risk of failure to meet project deadlines due to non-core business
  • For each new connected point of sale, you must pay a POS license
  • Organization of IT-infrastructure and technical support for buyers is entirely up to you
7 out of 10 customers

would like to visit a store without cash registers and sellers
6 out of 10 customers

were interested in the idea of stores with the possibility of self-purchase

interested in using innovative payment methods

would like to minimize social communication due to the pandemic
*Statistics taken from the December 2019 Global Survey and Infoline
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