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Micro markets at residential complexes

It's the most obvious tendency for businesses to become more customer oriented. Hop on with this trend and win over competitors in traditional retail. While ordinary shops are closed on holidays, weekends and at night people still need their snacks, foods, drinks etc. Get to them with micro markets. And pay extra attention to residential complexes. 

Residential complexes are the worthy niche to enter. With one 24/7 micro market you reach all the residents at once turning them into regular customers. izipoint secure system along with the security of each residential complex protects you from thefts x2 which means you can bypass unpromising places and choose secured once. 

To create such business, you will need to:

1. Connect to the izipoint service. Our KIT is fully equipped and supplied with the door lock, computer vision for security and telemetry sensors. Using the KIT you stay aware of everything that is happening at your point of sale. To get access to your micro market and pay for purchases customers will use an app – another tool for you to verify everything works and is secured.

2. Find a space of 10-15 square meters for your micro market. The biggest pro of an unattended point of sale is the possibility to use its entire area for sales since you don't need an extra space for the cash register or staff.

3. Fill your POS with smart fridges and goods. Initially, these might be snacks and drinks. But there's no limit so you can easily supply your fridges with ready meals and healthy foods. Next, with the help of the izipoint analytics system, you can monitor which products are more popular and place them at your POS. 

4. Notify the residents of the complex about your grand opening with few ads:

- put up an ad on bulletin boards of your complex. 
- launch targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 
- launch a campaign with discounts on food or drinks, with a time limit to motivate residents.