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izipoint is the most secured solution for your business

Every business owner making his first contact with standalone POS asks how to stop thefts from happening. There’s no security guard or shop assistant so how do we keep goods safe?

To begin with izipoint POS is often installed at large malls or private office centres. Such location provides the first level of security. The percantage of thefts decreases in places with their own security system and CCTV. 

Speaking of izipoint itself we also have our own security system that consists of:

- user identification process via app – it provides us with his data and reflects his actions with POS;

- video surveillance system – we know not only the customer’s appearance but also monitor all of his actions;

- hotline service – it helps to identify and analyze user’s purchases and any suspicious actions.

Based on our experience sometimes users might forget to pay and the Hotline service sends them a reminder straight away – that decreases the percentage of unpaid purchases practically to 0%. 

Plus statistically the level of unpaid purchases and thefts at standalone POS is 20% - 35% less, unlike standard retail stores.