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How to replace vending machines

To begin with vending machines are great to automate sales but in 2022 they seem a bit old-fashioned and are no longer giving the wow effect and sense of future. Plus they aren’t a good fit for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We suggest micro markets. 


Vending machines are expensive. That's a fact. The machine itself delivers the goods, so there’re a lot of expensive mechanisms inside. Plus, vending machines are heavy – count difficulties in transportation and installation. For comparison, izipoint system easily solves the transportation problems due to its’ software and KIT and reduces business starting cost by 2-3 times.

Vending machines aren't sociable. And izipoint system is! Our app allows business owners to always stay in touch with their clients increasing retention and therefore sales. We've prepared push notifications, discounts and special offers you can use to interact with customers and make them happier :)

Vending machines are narrowly focused, difficult to maintain and very specific in operation. Therefore, when starting a business, you need to choose different models of devices for different types of goods. izipoint is more flexible, because it’s enough to install our KIT and our soft to sell any type of products separately or together.