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Dispelling more myths about micro markets

Myth №4 Earnings aren't quick

One thing to know: izipoint is quickly. Enough to start a business in 24 hours. Therefore you start earning right after launching your self-service POS. You also gain advantage over regular stores since purchasing in a micro market takes 20 seconds whereas you put at least 10 minutes to wait in line at a supermarket. 

To make profit faster and your kiosk more efficient we suggest searching for locations that attract more people. Like shopping malls, residential complexes, office centres etc. And spend a bit of time to make your kiosk recognizable. Like putting your logo on the fridge along with your best offer. 

Myth №5 People won't comeback

People will come back. If you attract them using our marketing tools. 8 in total they boost retention up to 75%. 

You can also put some time into teaching your customers the advantages of unnatended shopping. It takes some effort to create a habit but having regular customers worth it. 

Myth №6 It isn't profitable for small businesses

Yes, it is. Self-service kiosks are easy to install and require only 10 square feet. You don't have to spend extra money on hardware, cashiers or card terminals. You also decrease staff costs since you don't need shop assistants or security – izipoint ERP and hotline work their functions out. 

Once launched your kiosk needs 3 months on avarage to get a payback. That's quickly.