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AI solution to reduce thefts in unattended retail

Micro markets take over the world of unattended sales. Though they face one notable drawback: thefts. This inconvenience is crucial and surpasses other advantages. Not to mention it’s a loss to traditional vending. But we got you covered with computer vision!

At izipoint we've been developing micro markets for 2 years so it was a matter of time to develop a solution for protection. 

3 key elements of protection

To begin with, we took our existing safety model with traditional cameras, locks and support service with real people. We improved it by adding the Video recognition system. It's responsible for tracking that the quantity of goods taken by each customer coincides with the quantity of the paid items. It's like having a real employee but that works 24/7 and online. 

Next improvement is our locks. To open them customers should scan the attached code using the application. To add extra level of protection we use authorisation process when using the app.  This way the system gets a sign there is someone using the kiosk and activates monitoring of the goods. 

Quick side note: izipoint AI doesn't collect any personal data, it only works to track items installed in the micro market. 

How to use? There're 2 ways. 

First one is the simplest since it’s a fully equipped POS Izipoint takes care of. This option works best for entrepreneurs who would like to start a retail business but only have a product to sell and not a point of sale. Thus izipoint provides a ready-to-work fridge, freezer, a set of shelves or a full micro market produced by Izipoint and with implemented VRS. The only thing left to do would be the connection to the AI system with tracking and monitoring opportunities.  

AI is also compatible with existing POS of any size and form. It only takes purchasing izipoint KIT with VRS and connect it to the system.