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Micro markets for small businesses

Retail business requires development and innovations to improve service and product quality. But research and analytics ate full range aren’t really accessible for small business. 

Corporations such as Tesco, Wallmart and Amazon invest millions into analytics, development and innovations. It provides fast growth. Investments small business wise are possible too. Here's our look on it. 

Find partners. They may help discovering new markets and attracting new clients. 

At izipoint we offer an affiliate program for small retail chains and for brands in ready made meals segment. Our program adapts to the instruments you already have: range of goods, logistics, stock reserve, staff etc. Using them we help you to enter new markets and increase sales.

We also suggest looking deeper into the business centers and educational institutions. Installing a micro-market there provides you with constant customer flow, increases retention and bypass competition with huge retail chains. Your revenue grows and the investment equals less than 10% of the market’s potential. Low competition puts you in the leading position. It’s worth trying!