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izipoint becomes easier for customers with freshly launched PWA

PWA is Progressive Web Application that in case of unattended retail means the shortest distance between customer and purchase. At izipoint, we've shorten it to 2 steps – scan the code with camera and pay. No app or card terminals needed. 

How is this beneficial for entrepreneurs?

  1. You no longer have to maintain credit card terminals or link your micro market to an app – PWA works with just a camera and already activated payment method on smartphone such as Apple pay and Google pay.
  2. You receive constant customers flow – PWA takes less time meaning to make a quick purchase customers are likely to choose micro market over a traditional grocery store.
  3. You increase retention due to comfortable user experience – tried once your customers will continue to come back to this fast payment method and therefore your point of sale.
  4. You get to install your micro market at any location – no more worries about the efficiency, just notify your customers they get fast and simple payment method with no queues.