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Dispelling some myths about micro markets

Myth №1 Micro markets aren't protected from thefts

The most frequent question we get about self-service fridges is whether they are safe. Suspicion circles around the idea that it's easy to open the doors, take a snack and leave without paying.
Well, it's indeed easy to use these fridges yet to open them customer has to unlock the doors. To do so they scan the QR-code on the doors with their phone. Scanning the code activates computer vision that we created specifically for protection. It follows any weird action by the pos and inform our hotline in case there's any trouble. With us your goods are safe!

Myth №2 Micro markets only suit closed locations without access to general public

We understand the precautions, but it's a myth that self-service kiosks only fit closed areas. They're worth installing at various locations such as campuses, libraries, malls, residential complexes and offices too. Why?

- they're protected from thefts (look №1);
- one kiosk requires 10 square feet;
- they can compete with larger shops since they're more convenient.

Myth №3 You can't launch in 24h

Yes you can. Our fridges are easy at installment, require no cashiers or terminals and are equipped with every tool you might need to run a business. From remotely analytics system and marketing to scale-on-demand.