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Answering your questions about izipoint

What’s up everyone! Today we’d like to answer the most common questions about izipoint and self-service kiosks.

1. Which goods can I add to izipoint system?

With our technology, you can sell a variety of goods such as pre-cooked meals, drinks, ice cream and frozen foods, smoothies and snacks etc. In brief our kiosks are adapted for any type of goods. 

2. How does izipoint work with products that require a special temperature regime?

Our KIT is supplied with both telemetry and temperature sensors. They transmit information to your izipoint ERP, and when the temperature changes you get the notification. 

3. How does the system define what product the customer choses?

The customer scans the QR-code placed on every item and it appears in the web-cart. 

4. Is it necessary to purchase any additional equipment to create a POS?

No, it’s not! It’s enough if you subscribe for our software and upload all the information about your goods to our system. That’ll let you gather the clients’ base and track their purchases. However this might not work if your business requires showcases / fridges with temperature sensors, opening / closing doors etc. 

5. Can I see how many products are left at my point of sale?

Yes, izipoint system shows all the remain goods in real time. It will also help you create a list of products that are out of stock.