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How izipoint increases sales

izipoint is a 2 part software – a mobile app and izipoint ERP. What are those and how do they help?

Mobile app is for customers. We can style it for your brand and translate it to more than 5 languages. When signing up and entering the data customer gets an online shop with cart, online payment and scan&go technology. 

izipoint ERP is a website for business owners. It's like your online office that monitors autonomous point of sales (POS) and contains:

  • product accounting;
  • telemetry sensors of each POS;
  • sales and product analytics;
  • marketing soft.

But how exactly it increases sales?

  1. You collect your customer base at one place and can easily deliver messages – in other words you're always in touch.
  2. With our monitoring system you can study demand and supply your point of sale with popular products.
  3. You create newsletter and your customers are informed about promos and any news. 

These features increase the retention by 75%-80% based on our experience. That leads to increasing the average check and therefore the revenue. A good math, isn't it?