izipoint - это не кит, а сервис, часто.
what is an izipoint KIT?
A compact control unit that can be easily installed in any commercial equipment or room to turn it into a micromarket.
  • hardware KIT
    Special equipment that allows you to get full control over the trading equipment and the safety of goods.
  • mobile APP
    that allows you to make purchases without cashiers, communicate with your customers, launch and promote sales.
  • izipoint ERP
    Marketing promotions, assortment and inventory management, expiration dates, mobile push mailings
  • Business Support
    A team of developers and consultants who will ensure the operation of micromarkets 24/7. Minimize theft and purchases without paying.
why choose izipoint?
    using izipoint, users make purchases quickly and do not accumulate in a queue.
    100% reduction of contacts with other people when making purchases through the mobile app
    The KIT comes with instructions, which allows you to assemble and run the business in 2 days.
    Full automation allows you to reduce personnel costs by up to 80%. Intelligent consumption forecast reduces oversupply of goods by 30%
    The system has the functions of helping to attract and retain customers. Cross-sell and up-sell are also available.
    Assigned developers and consultants. Customer support 24/7. Fault-tolerant IT infrastructure. System update
izipoint - who we are?
  • Residents of the accelerator CREATIVE VALLEY, Paris, France.
  • Residents of the accelerator BGI Accelerator, Portugal.
  • Residents of business incubator Station F, Paris, France.
  • Launched automated micromarkets in Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine
  • We have been developing software and hard parts for retail for more than 2 years.
  • A team of 10 developers and 5 engineers.
we are looking for partners throughout the European Union
With our partners, we want to implement - 3000 automated points of sale in 2022.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of coolers and freezing equipment
    We will be able to expand your product line, increase your earnings and earnings of your customers.
  • Vending network owners
    We optimize your costs
    and increase profits.

  • Distributors of ready-to-eat food brands
    Do you sell prepared meals of different brands and types? we will help your customers to get closer and easier to use your products
  • Entrepreneurs and Brand Managers
    We will be glad to cooperate if you want to develop a network of autonomous points of sale - micromarkets together with us. Just contact us and we will figure out how to cooperate.
Do you want to try? Let's start a pilot project.
leave a request and we will make you a cool offer so that you can understand all the efficiency and profitability of izipoint
What we offer to our partners
We offer various options for your earnings. Regardless of the number of installed points, it is 10 or 100, you will always have the opportunity to use options for more earnings and easy scaling by attracting new customers.
Sale of
Servise maintenance
Equipment branding
Custom modifications
how we work
The first meeting.
We are answerring the questions.
At the first meeting, we will find out your needs and draw up a project implementation map. We will discuss the terms and cost of the project.
Offer for your business.
We will prepare a unique offer for you, as for our distri. So that you and your clients can start earning from the start.
Start of work.
After making the payment, we will collect the first batch of equipment for your customers and send it to your warehouse or immediately to the points where they will stand, anywhere in the European Union.
We will help you open an account for servicing.
Your customers will need to open an account6 with which they will automatically accept payments for goods. Account in Connectum.
Assembly and installation. Education.
Each product comes with simple instructions for assembling, installing and configuring the izipoint. If you have any questions, our support will help you and your customers. We will train you to use the system.
Filling with goods and starting work.
After completing all the preparatory work, you need to fill in izipoint with products, bring it into the system.
Do you have any questions?
Let's meet!
We are happy to talk to you anywhere in the world.
Contact us:
+380635073741 for WhatsApp and Telegram
Nikita Markovsky
BizDev manager
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